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Nutritionist told, what should be the winter diet

Диетолог рассказал, каким должен быть зимний рационTips from Svetlana Fuss.

With the onset of the winter period the human body spends a lot of energy, so the food to keep warm should be more nutritious.

How to change your diet in the winter, was told by the nutritionist Svetlana FUS.

“In winter we need to warm up… We heated the body spend more energy. The food should be nutritious, but not so much to gain weight. We can quite easily arrange winter feeding with normal food,” she said.

“Fresh vegetables – enough cooling food, if you eat them, it will be colder inside… Vegetables should be cooling and warming. It has to be cooked food. There must be a sufficient quantity of cereal, because cereal and energy food that allows you to maintain your energy levels, adds vitamins and minerals,” said FUS.

According to nutritionist, in the winter time “is imperative not to forget about the fats”.

“Meat, fish, poultry, eggs – all is what we ate… a lot of sitting on basirovich diets, and for us it is the immune system and Parking”, she explained.

To the question, what should be the ideal balanced Breakfast in the winter, FUS said, “For each person can be his own food. For example, it would be eggs, porridge and stewed vegetables.”

“But TRANS fats and that applies to fast food is food regardless of the season is impossible to accept. Winter and summer alike, the body will react,” – said the expert.

Also, the nutritionist explained, the canned meat, very popular in winter.

“For the body is very useful, pickled in barrels when lactic acid fermentation. When we do twist and preservation of vinegar, it’s not very good. This can irritate the digestive system, promote fluid retention, exacerbate gastrointestinal problems. But there is conservation, which can be prepared without the use of vinegar. For example, canned mushrooms, or any vegetable mix – normal food. She did not need to get involved in winter, but a couple of times a week, you can eat dishes and so on. Nutrients and vitamins there will not be enough, but dietary fiber will. Some feature of this food will perform,” said FUS.

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