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Numbers called: it became known how much it will cost drivers a toll road

Цифры названы: стало известно, во сколько обойдутся водителям платные дорогиThe cost can reach up to 300 USD per site.

Tariffs for the toll roads in Ukraine will not identify a private company, which they built on a concession basis, and the Cabinet of Ministers taking into account the level of inflation.

It is noted that the already constructed road toll will not.

In addition, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian assured that concessionnai can only be the new road that runs parallel to the existing, so that people have the right to choose to take the toll road or the free.

However, the final tariffs for the toll roads too early to say because it will depend on many factors: where is the road how much money it invested, how much traffic, etc.

“The cost can vary from 10-12 to 20 Euro cents per kilometer that is quite high, given European indices expensive countries in chastnosti France or Italy, where the fare is about 15 cents. But everything will depend on the specific area and the agreements between the government and the concessionaire”, – said the Director of the Center for transport strategies Sergey Vovk.

So, if you take the most promising toll road project – a section of the Lviv-Krakovets, the fare may be – 8,5 euros, which equals approximately 280 UAH.

“It is possible that the rate may be lower. Below price “didn’t hit the pocket”, experts believe that there will be “mixed tariff” when the driver will pay a government rate, and the rest will be offset by the investor from the state road Fund”, – stated in the material.

At the same time clarifies that the experts do not expect a boom in construction of new toll roads. While we are talking about pilot projects.

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