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Now officially in Belarus will be punished for Russophobic recovco

Теперь официально: в Беларуси будут наказывать за русофобскую речовку

The updated list of extremist materials included the text “Hto not jumping, the [Russian]”. Now this phrase is not mentioned in the media, banned all items with the same title, and even “sound shell text.”

Text “Hto not jumping, the [Russian]” was banned on the basis of the decision of the court of Tsentralny district of Minsk on September 25. It is stated in the Republican list of extremist materials on the website of the Ministry of information.

From now on, this text is prohibited (any more labels or without them) “regardless of media”: in flags, banners, emblems, icons, items, object or use and so on.

“As well as created and placed as a product for the media (in all events, scenes, episodes and footage) and the sound itself is the shell of the text, uttered as words that can simultaneously be accompanied by actions or phenomena, as well as a stream of spoken text from audio environments”, — stated in the document.

Now these actions can make a report by terms of article 17.11 of the administrative code (Distribution, manufacturing, storage, transportation information products that contain calls for extremist activity or promoting such activity) and to punish by fine of up to 50 basic or arrest. And confiscate “object offense” for example a phone, which was manufactured or disseminated “zapresheno”.

Earlier the newspaper “SB. Belarus today” reported that Russophobic phrase made the list at the initiative of the Ministry of interior. Including because of the scandal at a recent match between the national teams of Belarus and San Marino, where it is chanted by the fans.

After the publication in the “SB” portal TUT.BY trying to figure out the details of the court decision. The Agency was advised to contact the authors of the material, the — back to MIA. The court explained that it is a civil matter, and access to its records only participants in the process. Finally, the police in response to an official request sent to the court.

Note that the phrase raised questions in spring 2015 in the black list got the video from the day of the celebration of freedom Day in Minsk, where she cried out. But then banned is not the phrase, but live with it (by the way, some of them are not blocked so far).

Typically, the list includes specific items as CDs and books, paraphernalia and pages in the Network. To this day only once, in the fall of 2016, was introduced to the text. These were the words of the song “Together cheerfully to walk through the swamps, marshes with a machine gun,” which also sang by football fans, although the composition is known since the times of the USSR.

Recall that in 2016, the amendments to the administrative code. Was punished only for the manufacture, distribution, or storage of materials that have already been blacklisted on the basis of a court decision. And then — and even for the same actions in relation to “information products that contain calls for extremist activity or promoting it” (that is, not listed previously). However, they may face a lesser penalty of up to 20 basic.

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