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Now explain that about the indexing joked

Теперь объясняйте, что про индексацию пошутили

Now explain that about the indexing joked

Most painful for the government — that money can go directly into the hands of ordinary people.

Dreams come true. In the state Duma on Monday evening was officially registered the bill on the resumption of the indexation of pensions to working pensioners. He was made a member of the Federation Council Orlovsky Communist Vasily Ikonnikov.

The only thing that interests the masses in Putin’s amendments are promises all sorts of indexation. But the constitutional innovations were vague and incoherent. Need Federal laws to their left. So, it turns out, the first is ready. Left to repeatedly press buttons and transmit the signature to the leader.

The way it would be if the project didn’t come with a negative review, signed by Deputy Prime Minister of the new government. Surprise? I don’t think. But first, about the content of the project.

Title author — the gift that functionary of the Communist party — talk sensibly. The insurance pensions to working pensioners, he writes in an explanatory note, were frozen when the money in the Treasury not enough, and now they are excess. And the idea of saving by selectively freezing was wrong — for her, the number of officially working pensioners, according to the monitoring of the Ministry of labor, declined from 15.3 million to 9.7 million, Several million seniors left in the shade and get salaries in black without paying personal income tax and Pension Fund contributions. What the total loss for the Treasury, according to Ikonnikov reach 800 billion rubles per year.

The restoration of the indexation of pensions, according to his calculations, will cost in 2020 to 369 billion rubles (less than two percent of planned budget spending — rounded, thousands of three a month to each of ten million recipients). To Finance the proposed undertaking “by using part of the surplus”. And in fact money will need even less because there is hope for a partial return of working pensioners out of the shadows into the light that will bring the Treasury additional revenue.

And of course, Ikonnikov recalls “the submission by the President of the Russian Federation amendments to the Constitution, providing for regular indexation of pensions”.

An ignorant person will say that all this together is absolutely irresistible to newly promoted government officials. Their brief hostile opinion of his surprise.

The government’s response consists of only two paragraphs. The idea of loss from the departure of the seniors in the shade is left without comment, and the reminder about the indexing of Putin’s amendments defiantly silent.

But it is said that, first, the indexation of pensions “is the compensation for inflation costs that can be charged against the wages of working pensioners”. Second, “the bill should identify sources of appropriate expenditure obligations”, as he allegedly does not determine.

Objections are curious. If the links on the surplus somehow not an argument, in fact in the budget to have from where to retrieve the money. Well, at least to cut spending on national projects. No one but a few magnates, tears not shed.

However, argument No. 1 is even cooler. If the salary of working pensioners rewards them for inflation shrinking pensions, why not take the indexing also pensioners and the unemployed, but receiving a rental fee for the delivery of housing? Working military retirees? It is impossible, because impossible? Illogical. Working owners of the parent certificate? Perhaps the salary does not compensate them for the inflationary depreciation of the prisoner?

I don’t think the officials are ready to make their excuses discussed seriously.

The real causes of government obstruction, of course, others.

First, is to protect its own bureaucratic dignity. To admit that the freezing of pensions to working pensioners were stupid and disadvantageous for the Treasury operation, means to humble my pride. Boss does not recognize the error.

Secondly, since the correction show goes on rising, and simply talking about indexing everything, including wages, which without a hyperinflation to index is impossible, the pre-emptive boycott of any specific indexing of the sentences starts to look almost reasonable.

And third, the indexation of pensions to working pensioners vulnerable though, because that too is simple to implement and promises benefits to those who formally addressed, i.e. people of modest means. Therefore, not lobbyists in the bureaucratic and commercial circles.

The “social” benefits of our government are carried out on other schemes. They must be intricate and confusing, to cut off those most in need and to ensure the adhesion of the greater part top-down money to the hands of intermediaries, melanoidins and external beneficiaries.

Take, for example, the matkapital. It can only be spent as intended: to buy housing, i.e. to give certified developers; on the pension of the mother, i.e. to transfer state funds; on the education of children, i.e. to transfer the state-owned sellers of educational services. Matkapital protected from “unjustified waste of parents” — its cashing is prohibited.

And pension payments is that cashed, and irresponsible pensioners spend them on whatever you want, until unpatriotic purchases of imported goods. The idea of financial incentives wilful behaviour subjects painful for the governors entities.

In aggregate, this is very disturbing to restore the indexing, for all its showiness the eve of the plebiscite.

But the avalanche went down on the brakes it will turn out hardly. I doubt that the leader had planned it, but the correction vanity echoed in the mass of the growing anticipation of cash distributions. What? Many. And return to General indexation of pensions by reason of its simplicity and the obviousness is in the national list in the first place.

It is difficult to give a subject, but even harder to explain to them that the rhetoric of indexation was a joke. I’d say it will be impossible to explain.

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