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Novosibirsk looking for a place to install a monument to Stalin

В Новосибирске ищут место для установки памятника СталинуThe city Council is discussing measures in place to establish a monument to Stalin.

City administration of Novosibirsk has announced an online discussion about the placement of a monument to Stalin. There are three sites – one in downtown and two in remote areas. Its opinion of the residents offered to send to city hall via e-mail, but, as stressed by civil activist Timur of Khans, the person voting does not identifitseerida, and no protection against manipulation of the letters in the counting of votes is not provided.

“People are simply put before the fact that the monument will be installed in any case”, – said the activist.

Activists of the Communist party since the beginning of 2000-ies trying to establish in Novosibirsk a bust of Stalin. The bust has already gathered 450 thousand rubles. In 2017, the authors of the idea have tried to put the monument in the Park of the Novosibirsk technical College.

“Our desire is to encourage the community, especially young people, to the search for historical truth, that is, a careful examination of the activities of Stalin, and not to jump to conclusions in favor of popular views,” – said the then head of the initiative group Alexey Denisyuk.

However, the Director of the College refused to put the bust on its territory, and this decision was supported by the arts Council at city hall. However, activists have made the creation of the ad hoc working group at city hall to pick up for the sculpture another place.

The head of the city Department of culture Anna Tereshkova declined to comment on whether installed in Novosibirsk, the bust of Stalin, but said the formal reasons to refuse the installation of the monument no. The results of discussion at city hall, expect to fail in less than a month, November 6.

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