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November river roach

Winter fishing for roach on the rivers, while they are still frozen, has its own characteristics. At this time, the white fish had already gathered in flocks and kept in special locations. The choice of gear largely depends on fishing conditions: the availability of a particular depth, the strength of the flow. When fishing close to the shore shelters a good result can give the slowly sinking head. An important role plays the correct choice of nozzles and bait.

Zone, where it keeps the roach, sometimes can be identified by the bursts. It is believed that in late autumn the fish is not splashing. But it’s not. If the weather was Sunny, albeit frosty, roach actively out searching for the larvae in the middle and upper layers. In bad weather it kept most of the bottom. However, even despite the bad weather during the day, fish can change water horizons. In the morning it often will find at the bottom, and at noon you can meet above.

Choice of nozzles

In late autumn, in addition to conventional baits such as maggots, bloodworm, manure worm and worm-podlesnik sometimes use the typical summer tips, such as caddis larvae, dragonfly larvae and crustacean amphipod. They live in the reservoir and, therefore, are the usual food for the roaches. When biting of large fish, it is advisable to fasten two larvae or two species at once.

Another good tip — oculistica larvae maggots. Wear them one or two pieces on the hook. On the float rod catch with an active game with a smooth jerking, pulling and posielanie nozzle.

In large rivers the basic food for large roaches is the shell of the Zebra mussel, colonies of which settle in the bottom of channel Svalov, at the extremities of underwater headlands at the base of submarine banks. In places where the roaches don’t have enough food, she attacks the fry.


With strong cold the amount of bloodworms in the bait should be significantly increased. The rest of the mixture is sieved clay or sifted coastal soil. Especially in unstable weather on catches of roach can be calculated only with the use of bait, consisting exclusively of components of animal origin. Sometimes it adds, along with bloodworms chopped worm to catch a big roach. The consistency of the balls should be such that they are sufficiently eroded at the bottom by the current.

During fishing the fish are fed small balls, tossing in the point of fishing one or two every 15-20 minutes. If the bite-intensive, bait, of course, need less. At shallow depths, so as not to scare away the fish, the bait is best served in small portions, without the noise.

On thawadah

In the fall, when the water becomes very clear, you must have very thin, sensitive tackle, then the chances of success will be greater. Sensitive float rod is made as follows. On the main line cross-section 0,12-0,14 mm and a length slightly less than the length of the rod is put on the moving tube, and sleeve it through the carabiner attaches the pear-shaped float with a lifting capacity of 1.8-2 g. the Carabiner allows for the need to change the float from one duty to another. Leash with a diameter of 0.08-0.12 mm and a length of 20-30 cm ends with a hook №15-18 with short or long shaft, depending on the form of a nozzle. Then 5-7 shipped-pellets of different sizes in series, with equal spacing, are fixed to the main line, starting from the middle between a float and a carabiner to the leash. With the largest grain is at the top, and the smallest near the attachment point of the leash, usually its weight does not exceed 0.2 g. you Can use a number of pairs of pellets. Such gear is good to catch, reaches back from the fast currents, and other tihovolya sites.

In the wiring

Here’s good lightweight fast action rod of carbon fiber, equipped with rings, a length of 6-7 meters. Coil is better to take instantaneous, maximum lightweight. Float okrujayut three to five fixed intervals the pellets, the weight of which sequentially in the direction of the hook decreases. Such distribution weights allows for quick and smooth dive all gear, makes it more sensitive, and most importantly — when poticaj creates a pendulum effect, which complements the movement of the nozzle, making it more attractive.

Because the roach is held in the fall at depths up to five meters, when a sufficient length of rod is optional to make moving a snap. With a blind attachment of the bobber bite is more noticeable. Sometimes due to changes in fishing circumstances (for example, a strong wind blew, you went to the site with a different depth or over) on the rod have to change the floats. For this purpose the latter are provided with buckles that easily detach from the fishing line.

In the process of wiring the nozzle — bloodworm or small worm-podistica — lead to 5-15 cm from the bottom. It is good to choose this for fishing areas with some increase in the bottom end of the movement of the hook that makes the attachment. Often roach reacts at this moment and often greedy bite, so you need to keep a watchful eye over the uncertain movements of the float. When the roach moves a little to the reservoir, and it usually happens in bad weather, she finds herself not right away. Sometimes you need to make several transactions that followed the bite — then you need to make a short trip.

When the nozzle is slowly sinking

Even in late autumn are warm clear days when the roach starts to more actively move along the coastline, fits under the overhanging trees over the water and Bush. In places roaches usually catch on slowly sinking nozzle. You can use small red worms, beetle larva, or maggots, which are put on the hook №18 (typically with a long shank).

The secret of snap is that the float rod is released and the sinker is fine. If you use normal lead pellets near it set the foam ball by putting it on the line with a needle and a locking piece of copper wire. This allows the nozzle to smoothly sink. The rod, accordingly, should be the most flexible, with a very sensitive tip, which in some cases works as a nod. This catch is somewhat reminiscent of “domestic fly”, which gives the opportunity to the lure and when potice themselves to drown her. The bite of roach usually occurs in half-waters or closer to the surface and is detected by the line tension. This method of catching the chassis, so the more you can exploit places, the more significant the result will be.

Farther from shore

Autumn shoals of roach are very dense, and the fish sometimes walks near the surface and away from the coast. In such cases, you need a special float tackle for long casting. It can be loaded rod with a float, equipped with a light spinning reel and carrying rings. With this equipment you can easily throw the tip on the 10-15 meters from the shore. The float is fixed cambrica cut with a wire core or a sliding knot that is worn on the fishing line above the float. Sinker-the pellet is placed 15 cm from the hook, and finally loads in addition to the float so that protruded from the water almost one antenna.

For fishing from the bottom is a conventional sliding float, and two 10-15-gram “olives”, recorded from below the pellet, allow you to make the most long-distance casting. “Olives” are placed on the bottom. When you bite into them the fishing line moves freely. The release size of the float is regulated by a stopper, and when fishing with a loaded float.

Still caught roach from the bottom by means of a so-called “teasers”. This is the same version of the snap-in sliding gruselle, but without a float. The bite is determined by the vibration of the rod tip. For this “whip” should be no less sensitive than when fishing slowly sinking nozzle. On the “teaser” more productive to fish with twitching and movement of the nozzle. The movement should be relaxed. Sometimes the nozzle for a long time still lie on the bottom, and then again to move it.

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