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“Novaya Gazeta” called on the FSB to break the silence about the new epidemic laminirovanie

"Новая газета" призвала ФСБ прервать молчание по поводу новой эпидемии лжеминирований


“Novaya Gazeta” called on the FSB to break the silence about the new epidemic laminirovanie in the cities of Russia

“The new newspaper” has addressed an open letter to FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov demanding to explain a new epidemic of laminirovanie, which continues in the cities of Russia from November of last year and eliminate the cause.

The publication notes that in three months the telephone terrorist attacks have exposed hundreds of objects of transport infrastructure, institutions of Commerce, education, culture and health. There are numerous evacuation ships, kindergartens, schools, some of them evacuated already by 5-10 times. Messages about bombs there were also the Academy of the FSB and offices of the security forces.

In Birobidzhan about the bomb threat led to the death of educator: 73-year-old woman became ill, emergency doctors were unable to save her.

“We are talking about hundreds of objects and millions of people whose lives are complicated by these events. Moral and material damage is enormous. And if you compare the damage with the usual statistics on such cases, it is unprecedented. The number of victims is yet to be determined – summaries of data on evacuations is officially no leads. The duration of this wave has already blocked the same period in 2017,” the letter reads.

According to news agencies, at the end of last year, was evacuated more than 4 thousand institutions and more than half a million people. “We are talking already not about the individual cases and mass terrorism, including the threat of national scale”, – consider in the wording. At the same time on the websites of state institutions, agencies and emergency services the problem of telephone terrorism was not even mentioned in the news sections.

According to journalists, the timing and targets of attack “clearly indicate that we are dealing with a single concept unknown intruders”. The silence of the intelligence services in such a situation looks weird and causes the reputation and trust FSB “absolutely real great damage”.

The newspaper admitted that the phone to catch the terrorists “probably harder than taking pictures of students in single pickets”, but only the FSB has unprecedented powers to monitor mobile networks of any level, the necessary experience, equipment and a large number of specialists on security and the fight against crimes in the field of IT and communications.

The journalists called on the FSB “to start at least to put forward a consistent hypothesis about the origin of these outrages” and to find and punish the perpetrators and to do everything to prevent its reoccurrence. “Novaya Gazeta” has organized the collection of signatures under a petition on the website At the time of writing it was supported by more than 930 people.

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