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Notorious Zhirinovsky laugh another stupid

Одиозный Жириновский рассмешил очередной глупостьюThe statement of Zhirinovsky angered society.

The Chairman of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that living in poor conditions pensioners don’t care where to live, and offered to help those wishing to move into the depressed cities of Russia.

The leader of the liberal democratic party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed to recommend people to move to vacant apartments in a depressed cities. This is stated on the website of the party.

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“It is reported that in many cities of empty apartment — Magadan, Murmansk, towns, other localities. Who prevents to offer to help those wishing to relocate? For example, if a pensioner lives in poor housing conditions, then what difference is it where he is? The main thing – a separate apartment. Everything is there,” said Zhirinovsky.

He explained that the pensioner is not working, so “not very specific”. And young families, in his view, could move to regions where jobs are available. Zhirinovsky added that utilities can move people who can work remotely and who need solitude.

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The politician noted that such travel should be done only at the request of the people.

“Impose nothing, you just need to come up with such an initiative and to see the reaction of people,” – summed up the leader of the liberal democratic party.

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