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Noting the New year flayer tied a firecracker to a dog and blew it up

Отмечая Новый год, живодер привязал петарду к собаке и взорвал ее New year, unknown assailants severely crippled street dog, tied a firecracker to her tail.

The incident received wide resonance in the social networks, vocativ of animal rights activists and the public.

According to the “Team animal rescue in Kiev”, about 20.00 they received the message that the campus residents heard the sound of the explosion of firecrackers, then saw a big dog, which ran along the house, squeezed into a narrow slot and fell into the basement. Rescuers went on the scene. Finding the animal, it was found that on the back of his body and a large laceration.

“The nature of the wounds suggests that the tail of the dog someone had tied a firecracker and blew up,” say the activists.

The dog was removed from the basement and was urgently taken to the vet in critical condition.

“The explosion almost completely torn tail, damaged internal organs. The operation lasted all night, the dog survived, but the forecasts are cautious, it is possible blood poisoning,” added the animal.

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