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Nothing personal, just business

Ничего личного, просто бизнес

A private company is going to “squeeze out” of the utility business with a turnover of 3.5 billion Smolny.


The company “Prominvest”, owned by the family of a former official from the administration of Saint-Petersburg Dmitry Rudenko, devised an elegant scheme with the rebranding.

If it will be implemented, the company will be able not only to get rid of debt, which, by the way, has accumulated more than 2.5 billion, but also thrown out of the business of the Smolny.

In the service of the FSW controlled by “Prominvest” is more than 1.5 thousand houses, located in the Kirovsky, Krasnogvardeisky and Central districts of the city. They are all controlled by the company “Prominvest”, changed its name to “Euro city”.

According to local residents whose homes serve the above-mentioned CSW, at the beginning of the month them in mailboxes, put notices on the General meeting, whose main subject was a change in their FSW to the “Euro city”.

The meeting was initiated by someone from tenants. In one case, a grandmother “70”. Gathered at the meeting neighbors she told me that she turned to the CSW asking to fix the front, and as a result signed some sort of pile of documents. Any documents necessary for the holding of meetings of tenants, pensioner and demonstrate to the neighbors refused.

About as events unfolded in all the other houses that catered to the controlled “Prominvest” FSWs. In the end, the residents of these homes have offered to sign a five-year contract with “Euro city”.

With the name “Euro city” residents, by their own admission, are already familiar. Recently this name is emblazoned on the clothes of employees of the service company. The operator of the unified dispatch three zhilkomservisa also meets the company “Euro city”.

However, the FSSP is actively working on recovery from zhks “Prominvest” RUB 1.5 billion that are owed to suppliers of inputs. In total, according to system SPARK, the beginning of the current year for the FSWs had outstanding of 2.5 billion rubles While the revenue exceeded 3.5 billion rubles.

In the summer of 2016, the holding company “Prominvest”, which includes three ZHILKOMSERVIS, bought Natalia Zelentsova. At that time, the company catered to 1.8 thousand houses. According to experts, the transaction amounted to 100 million rubles.

Very Zelentsova participants in the housing market of the Northern capital did not know. However, they are well acquainted with its cousin the ex-official Smolny Dmitry Rudenko. In the beginning of “zero”, he was a member of the city Finance Committee, and then led a strategically important controlled by the housing Management Committee to work with the waste.

The owners of “Prominvest”, apparently, was able to find a way out of a difficult financial situation. If they merge operation on transfer of houses under the control of “Euro city” will, the family of Dmitry Rudenko will receive a management company, debt-free. It is, in case of full success of the operation, will become the second largest in St. Petersburg.

In addition, planned “maneuver” will allow to exclude from the shareholders of city government. The creditors in this case will be able to claim compensation for debt only with owners of apartments.

Market participants note that the fault in this situation lies, in particular, on the owners of apartments. The lack of interest in their rights and situations in their homes, they say, allows unscrupulous companies to distort reporting or not provide it at all.

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