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“Nothing else to do?”: Anna Shulgin has provoked fans with a new photo


23-year-old daughter of the singer Valeria and producer Alexander Shulgin Anna often pleases fans of photos in Instagram. Aspiring singer loves to experiment with different images and easily transforms, surprising fans with something new.

Recently Anna has published a provocative shot showed perfect figure. In the picture Shulgin posing in superkorotkih shorts and fishnets.

Anna Shulgin


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“The mood “what a shame””, signed photograph of Anna.

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Fans immediately bombarded the actress with compliments about the forms of Anna, a noted tight buttocks of the singer.

“Classy,” “Anya you’re not beautiful who don’t listen”, “Fire”, “Beautiful ass Ania”, “If the figure is elegant, it is not a shame”, “Anna, ass super,” wrote the enthusiastic fans (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).


However, there were also those who this the seemed very Frank: “what??? Nothing else to do?”, “Mother says, is better would not write anything”, “Anna, get a life!”, “There are plenty of women with beautiful shapes, however, show ass no hurry”, “a Disgrace and where Joseph and Valeria look” — was indignant subscribers.

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Despite the many attacks, Anna is trying not to react to such statements in her address. But once the singer is still unable to keep silent. Recently, the Network got the photo collage, where Anna was attributed to plastic surgeries. The actress was furious, because the result of her weight loss and transformation is hard work.


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