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Not sleeping for 12 days: Ukraine, covering the new suicidal game

Не спать 12 дней: Украину накрывает новая суицидальная играIt is called “Red owl”.

Replacing the famous “Blue whale” in social networks appeared a dangerous new game for schoolboys “Red owl”. Under its terms, children should not sleep for a few days and at the same time to perform the task of “curator”.

The game begins with the fact that Teens send a link where it goes, and then activates their participation. After that, he begin to send the task.

“First, the children are lured into the game. Send them the link where you need to go (it supposedly throws error). But thanks to this link “curators” know the approximate address where the participant lives. And then, if the child refuses to perform some task — it is blackmail, I know the address and go to “dismantling”, — stated in the message.

Nicholas also explained that one of the main objectives of the game “Red owl”- to be constantly online and instantly reply to the curators, they send 24/7. Also watch the psychedelic video in the middle of the night. “After these adult videos can turn gray, not to mention what happens to the psyche of children. And audio from “the afterlife,” he writes.

We talked to a child psychologist, who said, why have teenagers, interest in these games.

“Adolescence is a very risky. The man is already out of the child, but not yet an adult. The main task at this age is to isolate yourself from others. Parents they depreciate, especially if they do not pay enough attention to them. Those children who have no close relations with parents, looking for support in social networks and different groups like “Blue whale” or “Red owl”. That is, they do not accidentally fall into such communities. And in such sigraph working adults who know how to put the teenager on the psychological hook,” said child psychologist Anna Vershebenyuk.

Anna also told parents to protect their children from similar social groups. “Close access to the Internet is of course not an option, because children will rebel even more. In their lives need to bring real employment, somewhere along the walk, visit some places. Tell them about their good traits to pay attention to their appearance (because at this age they often don’t like). The child must be feeling that he has protection. And whatever happens, he knows that he will come home and all can share with loved ones. And about the social network do not be afraid to tell. On the contrary, we need to explain that it’s no good, and those tasks that you ask the admins of such groups is meaningless,” added the psychologist.

Не спать 12 дней: Украину накрывает новая суицидальная игра

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