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“Not self-isolation, and the suicide of the country”. Putin asked to cancel the “inadequate measures”

«Не самоизоляция, а самоубийство страны». Путина попросили отменить «неадекватные меры»

“Not self-isolation, and the suicide of the country”, Putin asked to cancel the “inadequate measures” in connection with the pandemic

Imposed in connection with the pandemic coronavirus limit in Russia should be removed because of their inadequacy. Asked the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the authors of the petition published on and hundreds of people who have signed it.

The text explains that due to “quarantine the weekend” to 30 April “people will remain without money even for food and shelter, who have it in the lease.” And the so-called “self-isolation” is a gross violation of human rights, as it is imputed insulation under threat of punishment (“self” means that the man himself decided to do so, but for the violation the penalty). It is made to the state was not responsible for the events, said the authors of the petition. They are referring to the doctors ‘ arguments, note that the coronavirus that causes “just one of the SARS, and its threat comparable to the threat of influenza and SARS normal”. In addition, “the virus is in Russia for December-January, and late measures occurs at two to three months, making them meaningless and harmful.”

In this situation, decisions taken by state look inappropriately marked in the petition. “It’s like the country’s suicide from fear before the coronavirus. <…> Will inevitably increase depression, alcoholism, scandal, suicide, divorce. This will be followed by looting and riots,” indicate the authors of the initiative and urged to withdraw by April 13, the major limitations, if the picture is not substantially deteriorate, or to introduce, finally, a state of emergency in the country, providing the population with everything necessary at the time of his actions.

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