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Not enough kindness

Не хватает предупредительности

Sale of dosimeters in Moscow last month rose by almost five times, and some budget models and does run out of stock, says my friend, who owns the online store. Friend the father of many children — now resting with his family at sea, called with a question: “is it Possible to go back to Moscow? Fonit?” To Moscow to go, but the panic that is brewing in society, clearly require the best information. Media constantly focus our attention on the social and political events in General and on the behavior of individual leaders in particular.

So on the eve of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Second world war had information about one of the world leaders going to the event in Poland, and who is not — and why. Among the heads of States of the world in this regard, it certainly has not gone overlooked by US President Donald trump. Trump said that he would not go to Poland because the United States is approaching a very serious hurricane, “Dorian” and it needs to be with his people. What is remarkable about this information? The first information about the impending natural disaster is announced. Second, that this information is announced in a timely manner. Third, what is the highest power (in this case USA) attaches to the issues of emergencies directly related to the security of citizens, of paramount importance. The fourth is that the government is actively involved in the process of preparing the population for overcoming of natural disaster. Why I draw on these issues to the attention? Yes, because it is the cornerstone of security: forewarned is forearmed. I’m not trying to counter a situation of “them and us”. Just always in the world there are samples, as it should be.

A hurricane is approaching much faster than, for example, flooding. But the information about the flood, for example, in the Irkutsk region, sounded obviously so quiet, indistinct and not timely, that people do not have time to prepare for it. There was not a single statement of the relevant Minister. Those same Americans, by the way, no MOE in sight there (though, as in most countries of the world). But this did not prevent the Governor of Georgia to declare to evacuate due to hurricane “Dorian”. The same was done in Florida, North and South Carolina. Why Governor? Yes, because he, like President trump, then they will. And hear it is not due to the fact that some of the mayor during the flood he saved his property, not the household of his territorial formations. Unfortunately, we often hear about natural disasters after the fact — when debriefing about who is and what is not made. Or not hear at all, as in the case of an accident in Severodvinsk. Only a few weeks after the accident, when he worried is all of Europe and other regions of the world, Roshydromet reported an increased radiation background. But I don’t think this silence ensures the safety of the citizens. With all rasfoieste judgment is that “happiness in ignorance”, history demonstrates the opposite. And the Chernobyl tragedy, we remember it well.

So I again call for the implementation of all the main principle of security: “forewarned is forearmed”. By the way, the current national practice of combating terrorism shows that it works on all hundred.

Oleksiy Filatov, the President of the Union of Officers of the “alpha”

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