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Not all expired products are equally dangerous

Не все просроченные продукты одинаково опасныIf the shelf life of food products on the packaging has expired, does this mean that they are dangerous for use in their food?

Experts from the United States responded to this question.

My opinion on this matter, experts said in a video posted on the YouTube channel Reactions, created by the American chemical society. The authors of the video claim that the products be removed from store shelves in the day when the specified shelf life has expired, does not mean that the food is not suitable for human consumption.

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According to scientists, the expiration date, which everyone can see on the packaging indicates the time during which a particular product, according to marketers, can meet the demands of consumers. It does not correlate with the freshness or suitability of food product.

Experts say that the quality of the food purchased in the store, is best determined by parameters such as appearance and smell. In particular, the experts advised to follow the softness or darkening of the fruit. “The pulp of these fruits contains high percentage of enzymes that contribute to the destructive processes of cell walls. In addition, their use leads to a rise in blood sugar,” said the chemists.

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Categorically not suitable for consumption they named the products appeared on their mold. “Because of the mold in food increases the rate of toxins, penetrating it deep enough,” he warned them.

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