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“Nosferatu” was made in color — almost the color

It’s nice when paying attention to a good scary movie. Here is the classic “Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens” (Nosferatu, a Symphony of horror) Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau from time to time POPs up in different variations restored, once again Recalling that in 1922, the year people were able to gash a hell of kripotou that the habit can and bricks to superimpose. Now just talking about one of these variations – kolonisierung version of the film from a certain company Kinemacolor Films, specializing in “colorization” of black-and-white silent films.

However, to be honest, the trailer edition is not impressive. The notorious “color” recalls the first steps of the beginner in mastering photoshop filters, and video copies are not the best quality. It is difficult to say whether it is worth the 14$, who are asking for it on amazon, but the press release is written on the conscience:

This film is a masterpiece of German genexpression and depicts subjective mental world of the characters in the horror atmosphere. Even modern movies about vampires continue to borrow ideas from “Nosferatu”, such as the fear of sunlight. This silent film was so convincing that some people thought max Schreck, the actor who played the role of Nosferatu, the real vampire. There is also a nature – scenes with the castle of the vampire was filmed in Slovakia.

Well, let’s compare fresh kolonisierung trailer restoration in 2013-year, as well as their posters. And also somewhere for myself I will mark that it would be necessary to take Yes to reconsider…

PS And as a bonus have a look here.

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