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Norwegian scientists said, as cleaning harms women

Норвежские ученые рассказали, как уборка вредит женщинам The researchers came to some surprising conclusions.

Scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway as part of his studies made an unexpected “discovery” – cleaning the house using chemicals is as harmful to lungs women, as if she smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.

The study found that “surprisingly” took the man almost no effect on the state of his lungs.

In the study, researchers from the University of Bergen studied the lung health of more than 6200 women and men (average age 34 years) for 20 years!

While not all of these people used during the cleaning of their houses chemical cleaners and sprays.

The authors of the work done noted that such cleaning is very dangerous for the respiratory health of women than men.

So, women had been a gradual decline in the so-called lung capacity (maximum amount of air exhaled after the deepest inhalation. Is one of the main indicators of the status of the apparatus of external respiration).

The danger of the constant use of chemicals is another threat – the “cumulative effect”. That is from time to time inhaled chemical elements permanently damage the Airways. In the future could lead to serious diseases.

Scientists from the University of Bergen have also stressed that different detergents contains quite a lot of stimuli, especially bleach and ammonia. While at first the researchers were confident that the cleaning spray be more harmful than the liquid. During the study it was found that there is no difference – that the aerosols liquids produce the same harmful effect on the respiratory tract.

It is noted that the ammonia and bleach can cause fibrotic changes in the lungs.

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