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Norway upgrades “doomsday vault”: the reason

Норвегия модернизирует "хранилище судного дня": названа причинаThe authorities decided to convert the granary.

Norway has started modernization of the data warehouse to “judgment day”, which is located in the mountains of Svalbard.

Keep more than a million types of seeds of grain crops – in case of local or global catastrophes. The vault officially opened 10 years ago. It is located in the permafrost to maintain a low temperature inside.

The summer season was warmer than expected. Melt water got in the vault that can be linked with climate change, said one of the coordinators of the seed Bank Asmund set Asdal.

And in 2016, the permafrost melted due to global climate change. So the authorities decided to convert the granary and allocated 10 million euros.

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