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Norway got! Or a huge batch of dope now and get?

Норвегия попалась! Или огромную партию допинга и теперь отмажут?

The mountain of anabolic steroids sent in the Norwegian city T before the Games in 2018. Athletes of the city of T has won the most medals. Oh really?

Constant scandals around Russian sport has convinced the world community that Russia is the worst scandal in net sports. State-supported doping, with the ability to make a spy game, opening the tubes, with a very small group of evil hackers, exposing not such a terrible evil, as in Russia.

But what if it’s easier? And it is not in Russia?

Fellow Norwegian hospital for six months before the Olympics to Pyeongchang was truly a giant batch of illegal drugs. And kept it in the locker room. How do you mean?

The employee hospital of tromsø discovered more than 2,000 tablets of doping

2 thousand of pills in the locker room

Information is a little, but it can be considered reliable.

In the case featured two: a 43-year-old employee of the University hospital of North Norway in tromsø, and a 31-year-old man from Fredrikstad.

The second man in August 2017 was sent to the tromsø large quantity of drugs included in the list of prohibited substances. The list is truly impressive: testosterone, oksigen, boldenone, trenbolone, Masteron, nandrolone, Dianabol is lethal drugs.

Anabolic steroids.

Not lipstick and not runny

The real dope, and attempts to provide such a remedy for the common cold or lipstick.

And that’s not all. In total more than 195 thousand milligrams of banned substances! More than 2 thousand of tablets and nearly a hundred bottles!

And employee of the University hospital kept all these substances in the locker room. Whom they were intended and who have used, is still unknown. The investigation is trying to figure it out.

University hospital of tromsø works in a number of areas of medicine. She serves residents of the district in which is located and conducts studies of new drugs (wow, did the state?). Who exactly was 43-year-old employee of the institution, not yet reported.

Norwegians get away with it?

Now, some of the assumptions and questions based on facts.

Almost 200 grams of illegal drugs is a lot. Very much! Typically, these roles are acquired for the future, that is to say, retail sales.

It is no secret that Norway has its problems with doping. Why are only the dismissal of the leaders of the ski team – Therese Johaug and Martin Sundby Johnsrud. Besides, before the Olympic games in Pyeongchang, the Swedes suddenly I discovered all the information that the Norwegians brought with them thousands of doses of asthma drugs. Isn’t that the system?

At the Olympics in Pyeongchang team Norway took first place in the team standings, winning a total of 39 medals. Do you think athletes from the city took the first place by quantity of the won awards?

Is Tromso. A total of seven medals.

Shouldn’t WADA be interested in this mysterious coincidence? Although this is, of course, not suspicious of scratches on the tubes, but only a real dope.

Or Norwegian sports all get away with it, because they do not need to do bad?

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