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Northern Thailand – the main directions. Photo

Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. ФотоWhen you plan your trip you can hardly ignore Thailand.

Many travelers choose as a main direction of Bangkok, or the beaches in southern Thailand, but Northern Thailand also can offer a wide range of delicious beauties.

Jungle and breathtaking mountains, a small village with a completely different lifestyle and culture, elephants in their natural habitat and mountain tribes – is only a small part of the reasons to visit Northern Thailand during my next trip to Asia. This list includes some of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Thailand, from parks to historic monuments of the famous Golden Triangle.


Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

The history of the city of Phrae dates back to the time of the Thai Kingdom of Lanna, maintaining its incredible historical sights. Due to this, the complex is not the typical tourist atmosphere. Remote location eliminates Phrae from the crowds of international tourists, allowing you to get a better idea about the authentic side of Thai life. Phrae is located in the heart of the largest teak teak wood, because many buildings here are built of teak surrounded by the remains of the old city wall. Don’t miss the House Pataca, which stopped the Thai King and Queen.


Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

The North direction in all of Thailand – Mae SAI. The city is used as the starting point for travel to Myanmar, but also is itself closely to the object of attention of tourists. Attractions include numerous temples and a giant statue of a Scorpion with outstretched in Myanmar claws. It is a demonstration of the power of the Thai people and proof of their skill in military Affairs. Mae SAI is a great place for shopping in the local markets. The most popular Souvenirs include jewellery from Myanmar Handicrafts and Souvenirs carved from local sandalwood.


Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

In the 14th century Nan was a prosperous city-state in the Kingdom of Lanna. The city prospered thanks to its location halfway between Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang. Nan was re-absorbed by Thailand in 1931, and the locals are fiercely proud of their building and historical heritage. Among the attractions of Nana nearby state Museum, housed in the Palace-the residence of the last two rulers. Then allow time for study of the Royal house of the 19th century, Wat Phumin the 16th century and visit the colourful competitions in rowing, which take place right on the river Nan.

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Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

In the river valley of the Northern region of Thailand is the city of Lampang. Archaeological findings confirm that people lived in the city more than 1,000 years, and numerous historical attractions reflect this heritage. Visit Wat Phra Kaew don Tao and admire the beautiful emerald Buddha, but also pay attention to the House of the Pillars and the ancient city. In the ancient city you will be amazed by the architecture of Wat Phra and the beautiful frescoes of the 19th century. On Saturday and Sunday the city comes alive thanks to the Lampang night market gun tha, where you can buy food, drinks and Souvenirs.

Chiang Rai

Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

Golden Triangle – the famous area where Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Gateway to the Golden Triangle is Chiang Rai. Here are a few interesting sites, including museums and several historic Buddhist temples. Read more about Chiang Rai, visiting the local Museum of culture and a ride on a boat on the river Koch, before going to the Golden Triangle.

National Park of DOI Inthanon

Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

Thailand is associated with tropical weather and coastal scenery, but the national Park DOI Inthanon national Park refutes such stereotypes. In the Park highest mountain in Thailand, where on very cold winter days can be even negative temperature. National Park of DOI Inthanon includes a number of magnificent waterfalls included in the list of natural wonders of Thailand. For active travelers will approach a Hiking excursion along the tourist route ang Ka. In his way lies the Hmong market, where the representatives of the tribes in traditional costumes sell all sorts of Souvenirs. This is one of the most popular natural attractions of Thailand.

Mae Hong Son

Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

Mae Hong son is truly in Northern Thailand, but thanks to the distinctive culture of the region creates a feeling that you are in a completely different country. Mae Hong son is bordered by Myanmar, which is reflected in its unique from the rest of the country architecture. The most popular activities here are Hiking, and many guides offer their services for organizing tours. You will easily find here a suitable place for camping or a cheap hostel. The city is also one of the stops on the famous loop Mae Hong Sona tourist trail with beautiful scenery, which starts and ends in Chiang Mai and lasts about 4 days.

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Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

Popular among backpackers, Pai – spontaneous direction in Thailand with many activities and options for recreation. You can go rafting on wild rivers, go on an excursion to the mountains to watch the elephants bathe in the river Pai, or visit the incredible hot springs. For lovers of night life here – plenty of bars with cheap drinks and live music. History buffs should visit the Bridge during the Second World war, or a small Chinese village Santichon close to town.


Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

In the 13th century, Sukhothai was the heart of Thailand and the national capital, but today this small city is known for its ruins. Historical Park Sukhothai gives you the opportunity to see what life was like in Northern Thailand 800 years ago. You can rent a Bicycle to self-explore the ruins. The Park is divided into separate sections, and you will have to pay entrance fee at each of them. Here you will see large statues of Buddha among ruined temples, stunning bridges and beautiful art relief plaster.

Chiang Mai

Путешествие по северному Таиланду - основные направления. Фото

The most important and the most popular destination in Northern Thailand Chiang Mai is famous for its elephants and outstanding temples. Chiang Mai is home to more than 300 temples, among which stand out the Temple of Wat DOI Suthep, a 14th century within the town centre, Wat Phra Singh of the 14th century, Wat Chedi Luang, a 15th century architectural masterpiece with incredible frescoes. One should not miss the many markets of the city, especially the famous Night Bazaar.

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