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North presented “smart” glasses

North презентовала "умные" очкиNorth introduced a smart glasses with a built-in projector

The concept of “smart” points, which was first embodied by Google a few years ago, contrary to the expectations of some, has not received serious development.

Google itself refused to release the consumer version of the glasses Glass, retaining only the version for professionals, Intel ceased development of smart glasses Vaunt, a prototype of which was demonstrated in February of this year.

Now to try their hand in this field decided North American company, which presented smart glasses called Focals. Outwardly they are almost indistinguishable from regular glasses, and to display the information in them is built-in to handle a small projector that shows the images from the glass points and projects them directly into the iris, thereby creating the effect of a hologram.

Writes N+1 while that of smart glasses have a rather modest functionality. And with help, you can view notification records from a calendar, weather and directions while moving along the route. In addition, the glasses support voice assistant, Alexa. For control points the developers propose to use a ring stick, which is included in the package.

Currently glasses Focals available for pre-order on the company’s website for $ 999. Delivery points in the rectangular frame is scheduled for December, and the model in circular frame due out early next year.

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