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North Korea launched the first rocket in Japan

КНДР запустил первые ракеты в сторону ЯпонииWarhead fell into the sea of Japan.

The DPRK on Saturday morning, August 26 (local time) launched missiles into the sea of Japan, reported South Korean media, citing the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea.

“The joint chiefs of staff of South Korea said that “unidentified missile” was launched from the territory of the Eastern province of Korea, Gangwon – do,” – said in the message.

According to the South Korean military, the range launched in the DPRK rocket was 250 kilometers.

It was recently reported that North Korea continues to plan the attack on a US military base on GUAM as a warning. As noted by the representative of the DPRK army they plan to produce four medium-range missiles. They have to fly over Japan, to overcome the distance of more than 3 thousand km and fall in the 30-40 km from the American military base on GUAM. The DPRK also said that Donald trump can only speak in the language of absolute power and called his remarks to respond to the threat of “fire and fury” “complete nonsense”.

Previously, the Pentagon has prepared a plan for a preemptive bombing of North Korea. Preventive strikes on rocket launching installations can cause American planes based on GUAM.

South Korea has announced that it is also ready for immediate response to the potential application of DPRK missile strikes on the US military base on GUAM. Seoul has warned Pyongyang that it is waiting for “strong retaliation” from the United States and allies in the region if he did not stop provocations.

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