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North Korea has created an analogue of the iPhone

В Северной Корее создали аналог iPhoneThe device is called Jindallae 3.

About the characteristics of smartphone is not known. In a statement the company says that the device more convenient to use and secure than its predecessors. It is also reported that the design and operating system developed in the DPRK.

Analysts believe that Jindallae 3 was created outside of North Korea, and was based on the Chinese model.

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The smartphone is available for a variety of applications including calculator, card game, Internet browser, music player, photo app, as well as the program “Shelter”, the purpose of which is unknown.

In the spring of 2017 Myohyang IT Company has released its own tablet computer called iPad Ryonghung. In 2015, in Pyongyang started selling candy bar, is very similar to the iMac. In addition, North Korea has created the operating system Red Star OS based on Fedora Linux, which is almost completely copies the interface of Mac OS X.

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Jindallae is the Korean title of the flowers of the genus rhododendron, which grows in Asian countries.

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