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Non-ideal Breakfast: 7 most harmful products

Неидеальный завтрак: 7 самых вредных продуктовNutritionists do not cease to argue, what should be the Breakfast that day was good.

Many of us refuse morning meal: someone’s not awake yet, someone does not have time and someone wants to lose weight.

But nutritionists consider Breakfast the most important meal of the day, in fact morning meal allows you sated and energized for the whole day. However, it should be clearly understood that not all products are suitable for the very first time meal. “Lisa” offers to get acquainted with the top 7 bad foods to eat for Breakfast.

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Processed cheese
Heat treatment of this product destroys most of the nutrients. In addition, cheese contains a great amount of fat. And if you, in addition, will always remember that processed cheese usually put all the accumulated “substandard”, I will exclude this product not only from your morning menu, but all of the diet your family.

About the harmfulness of sausages has been said and written enough, nutritionists and doctors categorically do not advise to include the sausage in your diet. If you can’t imagine a Cup of morning coffee or tea without delicious sandwich, harmful replace the sausage with something more useful: for example, boiled meat.

A quick Breakfast
Many people consider these products the ideal choice for a morning meal, deservedly so considering their easy and quick to prepare. However, it is worth thinking about the quality of such food – use them a little, and vitamins, if contains, then introduced by artificial means. The basis of this Breakfast will be a gluten or starch and sugar. Similar effects are and porridges of fast preparation: in the process of heat treatment in the production of slow carbs in cereals are replaced fast.

Cereals are considered one of the most suitable Breakfast. However, this product has all the disadvantages listed above the product group. Flavors, sweeteners and questionable quality dried fruits do not add to the dish use, but is guaranteed to increase its calorie content.

Curd cheese
Most often curd cheese is nothing like the mixture of sugar, vegetable fats, flavorings and thickeners. Instead of good and energize for the day Breakfast this may cause irreparable harm to the body.

Foreign fruit
No one would argue that eating fruit for Breakfast healthy. However, the focus here should be on domestic apples, pears. Imported fruit is delivered in our region is immature, and a special chemical treatment ensures that they reach maturity in just a few hours. So the use of morning banana more than dubious.

As a rule, packaged juices in the production process are going through recovery, when the dried pulp or concentrated juice add water and sugar. If you love in the morning, drink a glass of juice – do not take a few extra minutes to cook this tasty and healthy juice, such as orange.

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