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Nolan responded to the main questions fans of “World Wild West”

A few days ago ended the first season of “the Wild West” – one of the most anticipated products of the season. The final episode left more questions than answers: for clarification, the publication Variety had to contact the authors of the script of the series – Jonathon Nolan and his wife Lisa joy.

Nolan responded to the main questions fans of “World Wild West”

The amusement Park “World of the Wild West” – a kind of attraction, a place where you can get a lot of different experiences. Everything depends on the story: you can choose the identity of the killer, the Savior or lover. The illusion of reality creating humanoid robots – androids that look very similar to people. With robots visitors to the Park can do whatever they want: to communicate peacefully, to kill, rape and more. At some point, due to a software failure Android turns the gun against a living person.

The trailer of the series “the Wild West”
Further, the text contains details that reveal plot twists of the first season of the series!
The Creator of Park – Ford, the role of which performs Anthony Hopkins, was shot in the head. Given the mysterious development of man, the fans had the feeling that he could create his double, to program it and then send to replace yourself. That is, Ford could stay alive.

Jonathan Nolan in an interview with Variety disproved this theory:He’s definitely dead.”
Interestingly, the actor signing a contract to take in the first season of “World Wild West” knew about the fate of your character. This is despite the fact that the producers and writers shared with cast exactly the amount of information that was required for the filming of a particular scene.

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Jonathan Nolan admits that Hopkins knew about the fate of his character:In the case of character Anthony Hopkins had to break the rules. Due to the fact that Ford is a tragic figure, Lisa decided to enter the actor in the course of history. In the prologue of the series, Ford acts as God. In the final episode of the season, God dies – this event is the starting point to continue”.
The trailer of the series “the Wild West”
The culmination of the story of the first season appearance of the Park, strewn with corpses of people. When the androids had the opportunity to harm anyone who came into the “World Wild West”, one of them is Teddy – he shot the majority of the guests. The audience was surprised at this situation: does the Park cease to exist, and the robots will be in the center of the plot of the second season?

Lisa joy Nolan and Jonathan Nolan explain that the existing scheme of development of the plot allows you to do almost anything:not the fact that the androids will come to the fore. The beauty of this anthology is that we have all the stories relate to each other. We caused the audience sympathy towards the heroes of the people, and that we would like to continue. Currently the concept for the second season of “World Wild West” – the achievements look pretty ambitious. There are surprises that you don’t know until you see the sequel”.
The trailer of the series “the Wild West”
One of the main issues that have preoccupied the audience concerned the timing of the release of the second season. Here Jonathan Nolan has decided not to dissemble – the second season will be released very soon.

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Writer and producer thinks rush when creating such a large series, it is impossible:We will not return until 2018. The topic we discussed with the channel in that moment, when they began shooting the second series of the first season – then came the realization that to write a script and shoot at the same time very hard.”
Big-budget sci-Fi series “Westworld” many called replacement of “Game of thrones”, but, according to critics, nothing to do no TV series to compare them is meaningless. The “Thrones” are ahead in just two seasons, and for the “World Wild West” everything is just beginning.

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