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No there is no death: the American scientists made an unexpected discovery

Никакой смерти не существует: американские ученые сделали неожиданное открытиеLife is just an illusion.

Robert Lantz, Dean of Wake forest University, published a study on death. More precisely, in the work of the Professor of medicine says just that any death does not exist, the person just goes into a parallel world.

This conclusion Lantz made based on the theory of biocentrism, according to which death is only an illusion of our consciousness.

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In fact, life in turn is also just an illusion. All that surrounds man creates his consciousness, and it makes sense.

Robert Lantz believes that consciousness is just the end of life with the stop of the internal organs. In fact, consciousness is not extinguished, and continues to work, but in another world.

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It should be noted that in physics the theory of an infinite number of Universes exist for a long time. Many physicists (Einstein included) considered this theory to be quite valid — and thus, Robert Luntz may be right.

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