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No regime can long be maintained only on the bayonets

Ни один режим не может долго держаться только на штыках

Yesterday’s protests and “elections” demonstrated that Russia has now developed three main social forces:

1. Oppositional youth, ready to protest;

2. Politically indifferent middle-aged, marked and protest, and elections; does not actively support neither the authorities nor the opposition.

3. Loyal to the government pensioners, but one ready at any time to change Putin with the Communists.

None of these categories of citizens in Putin’s regime can’t rely. He relies only on his oprichnina, that is, different power structures and special services. The outpouring of support he can provide only total propaganda in the style of “our beat” during periods of foreign conflict. As soon as the situation normalizes at least slightly, the population refuses power in trust.

No regime can long be maintained only on the bayonets. To ensure public support, the Kremlin will be forced to further loosen foreign conflicts and “small victorious war”. So can continue until, until he will take them in apparent defeat. After that, Russian authorities are waiting for a complete loss of popularity and the collapse.

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