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No pain: 7 signs of heart problems

Не болей: 7 признаков проблем с сердцемNot always heart signals about their problems with chest pain.

Signs of a heart attack or serious heart problems are very insidious and unexpected.

No one is immune from heart problems, even young people. So better safe than sorry.

Swelling of the legs
A huge burrito or Gorki soup – not the only causes of excessive gas formation. It can also cause different problems of the heart valves. In addition supercolony food can also cause different problems of heart valves and congestive heart failure.

Do not be afraid of accidental edema, which eventually passes. However, if they are regular and becoming harder – it’s time to call the doctor.

Some types of headaches can also be a sign of stroke or blood clots. Headache itself is not always indicative of heart problems, but if accompanied by pain in the neck, dizziness and constant tiredness – you should think about the cardiologist.

Here it is important to determine the cause of illness. Because, for example, you may be tired because not enough sleep, and neck may be sore because of the uncomfortable beds.

Problems with heart a sharp pain that you can’t connect with anything. That is, when you have a normal sleep, a healthy diet and regular exercise, as headaches are not pass.

Stomach cramps
Many people think that the heartache is palpable in his chest, but it is not so. The pain may radiate to the different parts of the body. Not uncommon for people to stomach aches, but the real reason is actually the heart and not bad food.

Acute spasms in the stomach can mean that the heart sends signals to the stomach. But again, don’t confuse regular stomach pain or poisoning. A sick heart show incredibly strong spasms, which you never felt before.

Loss of consciousness
Loss of consciousness is the result of a sudden drop in blood pressure. It can cause different changes, even when you get out of bed too fast.

When a heart valve can’t work is incomplete and does not provide good blood flow – it can also be the cause of loss of consciousness. So if you have constant unexplained fainting – should consult a doctor.

Sudden dizziness
Like most of the symptoms – random dizziness is not a cause for concern. To the doctor should apply only when they become regular.

If the cause of dizziness after all, it is likely to provoke them clogged arteries or malfunction of valves.

Pressure in the neck
Again – the heart doesn’t always ache in his chest. Some patients who have suffered heart attacks, claim that it’s like a huge elephant sitting on your chest. However, the other part also argues that an elephant can sit on the neck.

So if you feel a sharp pressure at the neck – it can be heart signals.

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