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No country, political parties have

Страны нет, а политические партии есть

No country, political parties have

We in Russia national symbol, it is a strange two-headed eagle, which disgraced many people eliminated the 3 empires – the Assyrian, Byzantine, Russian and using someone else’s symbols, you can’t expect her luck, and even more proud of it, and to violate the Constitution.
. During world war 2, the 21 mountain division of the Waffen SS was a symbol – two-headed eagle, the SS killed a lot of men and women half of Yugoslavia had been raped. And when the Russian athletes, or warriors, are of this shameful symbols, or sing the national anthem – they don’t understand that along with thieving fascist government, actively participate in the destruction of the Slavs.
. Look at your money – rubles, and on them is written – the Bank of Russia, but a country like Russia for 100 years – no Bank Russia Russian belongs to the people, and all of your gold reserves are stored abroad.
.Abroad all Russians feel stupid monkeys nuclear club, but they are largely right, because – a Russian, a Russian is not a nationality, but belonging to the Empire, in which the existence of free republics is unacceptable. Poles, Finns, Latvians, etc. lived in the Russian Empire, so maybe they still Russians? Russian Ukrainian and Belarusian Slavs is a mentally ill country and the people-the disabled, hobbling to the edge of the abyss. The Soviet government in 1918, eliminated the Imperial Russia, read – 1 the Constitution of RSFSR of 1918 And the present government has no moral and legal right to use the word Russia.
. No country, and political parties are. LDPR – Liber-Alina Russia, United Russia, Fair Russia, etc., So this is complete nonsense and only mankurt – zombified slaves can vote for these fascist party, or consist of them and participate in their life.
The bureaucrat wants flattery –
Paradise feeder to get
And the slave vows, with the honor –
Alien eagle to serve.

And jingoistic “patriots” scream
You’re fascists, and we
Hohlyatsky fat is not necessary,
Us stupidity with the birth of Dana.

Grigory Melnikov
photo https://vk.com/photo558361295_457239074
Click the link https://vk.com/photo558361295_457239036 and read on – Genocide and the History of fascism and Nazism

Страны нет, а политические партии есть
Страны нет, а политические партии есть

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