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Nissan “will teach” electric brake to the gas pedal

Nissan «научит» электромобили тормозить педалью газаElectric cars Nissan will slow down the gas pedal

The technology, called e-Pedal is applied on the electric Nissan Leaf the new generation.

As writes Motor, the system is activated by a button on the center console. After it is enabled for the motion of the vehicle in the longitudinal direction will only respond to the accelerator.

Clicking on it will lead to a set speed. If the pedal a bit to let go, the machine will start to slow down, and if the foot off the pedal to remove completely, the machine will stop.

In the Nissan stated that the use of e-Pedal will be possible regardless of road conditions. The system will be able to fully stop the car, even if it is under bias.

The Nissan Leaf is in the TOP 10 electric vehicles on the reserve: the car occupies the eighth place.

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