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Nissan has released an unusual seat

Nissan выпустил необычные сиденьяTechnology Soak is designed to warn about dehydration.

Nissan has introduced a new Soak technology, developed jointly with the Dutch company Droog.

It allows you to determine the risk of dehydration from the driver. Experimental technology has equipped the crossover Nissan Juke. His driver’s seat and the steering wheel got a special coating that is sensitive to sweat and changes color under its effect. The invention is not dictated by a desire to make car seats more durable as you would think.

It will help to avoid dehydration, which affects the reactions at the wheel. Scientists have proved that in a state of dehydration the drivers make twice as more mistakes on the road.

About the same consequence is the contents of 0.08 ppm alcohol in the blood. Technology Soak is important, as most drivers do not know the symptoms of dehydration. As a rule, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, dizziness. Smart seat is able to tell the driver that you need to drink water.

Nissan выпустил необычные сиденья

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