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Nine main trends of clothes “Spring-2018”. Photo

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". ФотоFashionistas note.

In the world are already hard at shows of famous designers who inspire to sort out your wardrobe in harmony with the trends of the spring season 2018. What awaits us — we will tell in our article.

I want to share with you the most vivid examples of outfits, which left quite a bit to hang in the closet. (At least until the arrival of the March.)

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits this spring will be as relevant as ever. And what is convenient. There are also sports options, and a very impressive evening. So there is plenty to choose from. Go for it.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

2. Fringe

Good old fringe this season will become longer, and mnogosloinoi, and urgent. So if you have in the closet survived my mom’s sweaters or bags with a long “rough”, it’s time to update them.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

3. Plastic

In the collections of Chanel, Valentino and Balmain being used shiny and bright plastic. So if you love to attract everyone’s attention, then stock up on bright suits.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

4. Pastel shades

This season will be relevant to a variety of soft, delicate shades. So romantic and girls who love the pastel colors, you can be proud to show their outfits. It’s a very-very fashionable this spring.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

5. Sports style

This season, true becoming, that is connected with sports. Especially distinguished 3 categories:

Tracksuit for Jogging
Leather suit for racing
Swimwear and wetsuits for surfing

Of course, do not take everything absolutely literally and walking around in a wetsuit on the street. Be inspired by the way, use some of the details, but no more.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

6. Dark jeans

Dark denim captures the position in the hearts of fashionistas. So if you happen to own a dark pair of jeans and just put on’t go anywhere with a view of the model.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

7. Feathers

This spring you can finally feel like a Princess Swan. After all, fashion shows of famous couturiers models already flaunt in light feathers. What a very cute and airy.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

8. Shine

Those who can not live without gloss, but this spring will prepare a pleasant surprise. Sparkle is now in Vogue. So feel free to be sewed sequins on dresses and go to conquer the audience.

Девять главных трендов одежды "Весна-2018". Фото

9. Bag on the belt

Belt bags can be elegant. And whatever you say, and convenient, when not with shoulder strap slipping. So it’s no surprise that belt bags are still current among the fashionistas of the world and will retain this position this spring.

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