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Nina and Tonya Matvienko touching congratulated Ukrainians with the winter holidays. Video

Нина и Тоня Матвиенко трогательно поздравили украинцев с зимними праздниками. ВидеоThe singer performed the song, standing under a Kalina people’s artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko and her daughter TONIA, together sang a Christmas Carol.

The corresponding video was published on the channel TSN LADY in YouTube. Soulful singer sang Ukrainian folk song “For vcna Chorna Hmara V TSA”.

At first the frame appeared Nina Matvienko, and then joined by her daughter Tonya. The final performances of Tonya accompanied by snowfall, jogged for Kalina branch. At the end of the singer congratulated Ukrainians with the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Mother and daughter beautifully, cheerfully and heartily sang a Christmas Carol “Tricks Chorna Hmara V TSA”. It is symbolic that they sang under the viburnum. “Happy New year, merry Christmas carols, merry Christmas Saint!” said Nina Mitrofanovna. “Happy New year! Happiness is all I wish,” added Tonya. “Happiness, joy, kindness and merry Christmas,” he wished Nina Matvienko. Earlier, the network struck unfading beauty Nina Matvienko.

“All that we see on the face of a man comes from within. A happy person is always beautiful. And in order to be happy, we must learn to forgive. If you did bad, hurt, let go. From the fact that you hold resentment inside, it will be worse only for you. And this should remain a burden on the hands of your abuser. Such karma. I worked hard to learn to control your emotions and to let go of resentments, but it’s worth it. Try it – and life will become much nicer” – recommended Matvienko.

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