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Nikolay Travkin: “Into the breach we must travel light”

Николай Травкин: "В прорыв надо идти налегке"

“Strong man – the current Minister of economy! The rest of the Ministers headed by the Prime Minister to continue the head scratching which side in the “breakthrough” rush, and the Ministry of economic development’s “road map” drawn,” writes the former politician on his page on Facebook.

“The main idea in this “map” that a breakthrough is necessary to go light. If you haul on the shoulders of all these worthless pensioners and state employees, you can not break! Well, with pensioners, thank God, last year I worked out, now it’s time with the teachers and doctors to understand.

Here, in particular, teachers and health workers in the village there is the compensation of expenses for housing, heating and lighting. And, in the framework of the may decrees of the President of the high wages set. The surrounding population in the moonshine with the potatoes is interrupted, and those among them getting fat like the oligarchs. Because to sin is near. The farmer as despair, the first thing the priests from the bell throwing and estates of the rich burns. Here teachers doctors and burn down in the first place! So the incentive to cancel even for social justice, said the Minister of economy.

Rules and regulations in construction (SNIP) also needed to be simplified. In one of the regions, said the Minister failed to take into operation a building built by the school because of the lack of a bidet. Despite the fact that just around the corner was still quite a decent wooden “birdhouse”, which was used by the builders. Well, paint it a jaunty minium and let the kids enjoy! I took them and the school didn’t!

In General, many such measures proposed Ministry of economy and if the government does not falter (and it, apparently, does not tremble), that this year too will not be bored.

By the way, it should be noted that the predecessor of the current Minister of economy is also a dashing swordsman was. But how was transferred to work in the library, the great humanists read and calmed down, better the needs of the people to understand was, “excuse me, people,” he says.

So, maybe others? First, let the librarian will work, and then Ministers to appoint”.

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