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Nikolay Tishchenko revealed all the details of your wedding

Николай Тищенко раскрыл все подробности своей свадьбы45-year-old Ukrainian restaurateur decided to share the wedding details with the PR agent who was younger than his 22 years.

At the end of last year Nikolay Tishchenko surprised us with good news about the changes in his personal life. 45-year-old restaurateur and ex-judge of the project “Masterchef” admitted that he married his girlfriend – 23-year-old PR agent Alla Baranovskaya.

The secret wedding ceremony of Nicholas and Alla took place in the spring. On painting was attended by only the closest relatives and friends of the couple.

In April of this year it became known that one of the American clinics Alla gave birth to Nicholas strong and healthy son, whose name they still hide from the public.

Николай Тищенко раскрыл все подробности своей свадьбы

In his recent interview with Katya Osadchaya Nicholas for the first time decided to tell about his secret wedding, the big age difference with his beloved, and birth abroad.

Nikolay Tishchenko confessed that the preparation and organization of the wedding is fully engaged in Alla.

“We invited a small number of people, only the closest. She had a very pretty dress, she found it herself. It was the first wedding in my life, during which I will not penetrate. The man did everything himself, as he saw fit. To the extent that she chose a wedding ring,” said Nicholas.

Tishchenko also added that despite the considerable age difference was 22 years old, he and his wife do not experience discomfort during intercourse.

We’re on the same wavelength. Love each other, – says the Ukrainian restaurateur.

According to Tishchenko, it is also very wanted his Alla gave birth in comfort, and therefore chose for her foreign hospital.

Николай Тищенко раскрыл все подробности своей свадьбы

“My son received the international passport for travel. They call it a “travel passport”. You can travel without a visa, but nothing more. It’s more for fun. I wanted my wife gave birth in comfort, to avoid any difficulties during childbirth. It was her first birth,” – said Tishchenko.

Recall that before the wedding with Alla Baranovskaya Nikolai Tishchenko was married twice and is now raising eldest son from his first marriage, 10-year-old Daniel, whom he loves and is proud of.

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