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Nikolai Valuev spoke about the long struggle with a brain tumor.

43-year-old boxer, speaking in heavy weight category, former world champion Nikolai Valuev said on the talk show “About love” on the First channel and told about the brain tumor because of which he left the sport.

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“It’s genetics. No one can be insured, — said Nikolai. — But can end in tears. I was diagnosed with a tumor of the pituitary gland, it is small, really. The operation had to be done 2 times: I went to Germany, but the operation there unfinished. It was worth decent money, its poorly done. I then was calmed down, but the doctors in Russia, 40-th clinic, in St. Petersburg, found the story — doctors, the disease called acromegaly. I had and a box tie for her. Then I have had two children and I decided that more risk is not necessary”.

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In 2013, boxer left the ring, he struggles with the tumor and has already undergone two craniotomies. All this time he was supported by his wife Galina and three children. The couple older daughter and two sons, Irene, Gregory and Sergei.

Host of the talk show Sofiko Shevardnadze asked Nicholas to share the secret of family happiness. Valuev said sincerely: “the Formula of happiness is too simple. If we’re talking about two people who need each other is to hear a loved one, to be able to change. And when two people ready to go for it, they can be completely different, brought up differently, if they feel they need in each other, then they change.”

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Nikolay Valuev — the world-famous former world Boxing champion, the Deputy of the State Duma of Russia and a public figure. He acted in films, plays on TV and is an example for many of his fans. In Boxing history he is remembered as the most heavy and high fighter. According to the world Boxing Association Valuev became the first Russian who won the title of world champion in superheavy weight.

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