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Nikolaev lost consciousness in the bath with Urgant

Николаев потерял сознание в бане с УргантомNew year’s eve broadcast of the show Ivan Urgant on channel shocked viewers. The program showed a video about how Igor Nikolaev became ill in the sauna.

In the video, Ivan Urgant, Alexander Gudkov and Feduk sing about the sauna, then at some moment they remember about their friend Igor Nikolaev, who had retired to the steam room with a mug of beer.

When Urgant reminded the singer about the dangers of combining alcohol and high temperature, Nikolaev asks “not to ruin his life”, then loses consciousness.

To pump out contractor ran Yuri Dude. He did Nikolaev CPR, periodically complaining about a mustache “patient”.

Soon Nikolaev woke up and immediately asked Feduk “to sing something soulful”. In the final video, the whole company sings karaoke song of Igor Nikolaev “Raspberry wine”.

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