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Nikita Dzhigurda has to disclose the amount of the fee for participation in the show on the channel “Russia 1”


After the death of a business lady Lyudmila Bratash Nikita Dzhigurda is trying to repulse the enemies who want to discredit him, so he did not receive the promised inheritance.

11 Jan Dzhigurda appeared in the program “live” on TV channel “Russia 1”, the issue was devoted to the divorce of showman with his wife Marina Anisina those and scandal by inheritance.

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those

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After the transfer actor Dzhigurda published a post where I decided to tell you how really things are. He said that for participating in the filming of “live” he was paid 600 thousand rubles. And his already ex-wife Marina Anisina was under pressure from the so-called “mafia,” which threatened the lives of their children.

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Also the actor believes that all this is an organized action against him, because without him, only a kind of “mafia” will be able to withdraw Lyudmila Bratash seven million euros.

The chair also said that the so-called live broadcast on TV channel “Russia 1” — not a straight line, and was mounted as needed editors.

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those and children

According to the actor, the host of the show Boris Korchevnikov the goal was to discredit him, to provoke him to a fight, and “send him to the nuthouse” via bribed their brother. “It sounds fantastic and unbelievable but it is true,” said the artist.

Also Nikita claims that the program is not specifically shown snippet korchevnikov takes off his glasses, a hat and shouts at him: “get out of the Studio!” Also the air was cut piece, in which the Army stood up a psychiatrist.

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Video posted by NIKITA DZHIGURDA (18+) (@instadzhigurda) Jan 15 2017 9:20 PST

The actor is confident that the producers of the show also tied with the mafia. During the transfer he tried to convey to the viewer the truth, why was so emotional.

Korchevnikov in fact provoked a Hold on explicit recognition, allowing himself to raise the tone and familiarity to speak.


At some point Boris even pushed the actor in the chest several times, to which the chair replied: “Come on, puppy,” and framed his cheek. Intervened, and the transfer continued.

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