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Nikita Dzhigurda commented on the shocking sex tape godmother of their children

After the death of a close friend of Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those, the couple began seriously around her inheritance. Lyudmila Bratash was godmother children couples and more — a very rich woman. At the time, she created a large company that was engaged in vip-transportation, and has earned it. During the life Bratash wrote a will on the name of Nikita and his wife, because 56-year-old businesswoman had no children, and married, she never was.

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While there is an investigation on the case of inheritance, in a Network there was shocking video, which Dzhigurda commits sexual acts on women like Lyudmila Bratash. This is all happening a month before her death. Video Nikita Dzhigurda woman called Lucy, she is unconscious and not responding to the Dzhigurda.

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We will remind, after death on the body of Lyudmila Bratash discovered numerous scrapes and bruises. The day he died, the mansion of the businesswoman has lost the money, the will and the jewels. The death of the chair and blames a personal driver Bratash, who also claimed her inheritance, and her sister Svetlana Romanov. After such accusations, Svetlana called the police and stated that the chair intentionally fed her to get the inheritance.


Nikita Dzhigurda has commented on the controversial video and said that the deceased Bratash she initiated the sexual act. “Yes, in this video I. First, I did not rape Lucy, and revived. Secondly, if I raped her, what the hell do I get it off? She was lying on his back and asked for sex, but I’m not going to take it, it’s ugly. I still have the video where the one doing me a Blowjob, I’ll post it in good quality. Need a woman to revive morally! I**** charges! Woman asks for affection and warmth, what am I supposed to refuse that?! I shot the video in court to prove your bed relationship with Lucy Bratash, well, will now have to shell out a Blowjob where she is with open eyes. I’m not hiding anything, Nikita knows for a long time, — said about sex video Nikita Dzhigurda.

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