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“Night witches,” Soviet women pilots of WWII. Photo

«Ночные ведьмы»: советские летчицы времен ВОВ. Фото Storm all enemies.

The German attack on the Soviet Union can be considered an unprecedented act of stupidity. How could generally expect to conquer the country, which will be in unison to protect all people — and to defend to the last drop of blood, not sparing the enemy, neither on earth nor in the sky. Today, on the eve of the great feast, we decided to talk about the legendary female pilots aviation regiment “Night witches” — their feat will be remembered forever.

«Ночные ведьмы»: советские летчицы времен ВОВ. Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Marina Raskova

To compete with Marina Raskova not risk even the best aces-men. After the beginning of the great Patriotic war the girl personally persuaded Stalin to give the nod to the formation of a regular women’s group. In a matter of weeks were collected as many as three regiments, two bomber, one fighter. On the front of the group nicknamed “the Night witches” — and a great warrior fully justified the nickname.

«Ночные ведьмы»: советские летчицы времен ВОВ. Фото

Serafima Amosova

Of civil aviation of Amoz to the front did not take, although persistent girl filled up the commander of the unit reports. Learning about the formation of the “Night witches” Seraphim she went to the part and was immediately enrolled. Here she became one of the best pilots: 555 sorties, Two orders of the red banner, Order of red Star, Order of Alexander Nevsky and destroyed countless enemy soldiers. Serafima Amosova went through the war and held in high esteem survived until 1992.

«Ночные ведьмы»: советские летчицы времен ВОВ. Фото

Rufina Gasheva

Before the war Rufina gasheva was trained in sniper school, but after hearing about the formation of the women’s group decided to beat the fascists from the sky. Rufino knocked twice, but you could call it amazing luck, because she made the entire 848 sorties. After the war Guseva received the highest military award, Hero of the Soviet Union.

«Ночные ведьмы»: советские летчицы времен ВОВ. Фото

Marina Valley

To enroll in the Kherson aviation school Marina steady hand forged birth certificate, adding yourself to age. To the front of the Valley came after he made a dangerous haul aircraft for the Dnieper, the path of destroying caught the eye of a Nazi convoy. Raskova personally asked for the translation of Marina in “Night witches” for the pilot of this class fought and other commanders. On account of the guards of the captain of the Marina Valley 72 effective sorties and shot down three enemy aircraft.

«Ночные ведьмы»: советские летчицы времен ВОВ. Фото

Nadezhda Popova

The legendary flights of Valery Chkalov so impressed with the young Hope that after school, she went to the Aero club. For three years she became a qualified instructor before the war managed to train thirty people. The regiment “Night witches” Popov became one of the most successful pilots on account of its 852 sorties. Command thought highly of the dedication of Asa: the end of world war II, Nadezhda Popova was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, Order of Honour, Order of Lenin, order of the red banner, Medal For liberation of Warsaw Medal For the liberation of the Caucasus.

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