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Niece poisoned Skripal got in an accident

Племянница отравленного Скрипаля попала в ДТПThe accident occurred in the suburbs.

Victoria Skripal, a niece of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal, poisoned in the British Salisbury, told the details of the accident in which she got together with her husband in the Moscow region on the road from Yaroslavl.

Skripal was told that the car has a “strange way” tore off the wheel and the car at full speed crashed into the bumper.

“Suddenly we heard the rattle, and the car began to lose control, falling into the area of the front left wheel. We are at full speed and fit into the chipper,” said she.

The Skripal added that does not exclude that the incident might be an assassination because, according to her, the car was in good condition and was parked in the yard of her house.

“Cameras are not around, might deliberately twist something,” she said.

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