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Niece of Princess Diana fans of candid photos

Племянница принцессы Дианы порадовала поклонников откровенным фотоA member of the Royal family does not hesitate to make such a photo.

Kitty, daughter of Earl Spencer has split up with his Italian buddy, tycoon real estate Nicolo Baratieri. 26-year-old girl posted her photos in bikini on Instagram. She does not give any signs of sadness or heartache from the separation. The last few days, the socialite is enjoying a holiday in new York and the Hamptons.

So, last week, the pretty blonde shared a picture in which posing on the background of the building used for the TV show “Friends”. Kitty wrote that was awfully glad, in that moment, as her fascination with the popular TV show knows no bounds.

According to personal profile and blog on the website of the company, its former groom has more than 20 years of experience in Finance and real estate and is engaged in trade. He grew up in Rome, but at the age of 15 years went to private school in England, because I really loved football.

Nicolo, living in South Kensington near London, is divorced and is bringing up three children from his ex-wife Sofia. The businessman has been Dating the niece of Princess Diana with 2014, when the couple began to spread in the network sharing photos from different events. To the relations with the Italian, the girl was together with the British critic Nick Compton.

The pretty blonde grew up in South Africa. In 1995, kitty, once recognized by the magazine, featured one of the most influential women, moved to Constance along with her sisters Eliza and Amelia and brother Lewis, after their mother, Victoria Lockwood, divorced Earle Spencer.

Now in the press constantly penetrate photos from private parties and other events that are visited by the niece of Princess Diana. Apparently, alone she will not stay long. The media paid special attention to the girl in particular because of its uncanny resemblance to the deceased aunt, whom everyone loved so much.

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