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Nicole Kidman will not be separated from their partner

Николь Кидман не будет расставаться с партнеромPreviously, the couple often talked about the possibility of divorce.

The star of the television series “Big little lies” is married to Australian rock musician since 2006. During the years of the novel the lovers had become parents of 2 daughters, and also become one of the most beautiful couples. However, in recent times the legendary blonde is increasingly noticed in solitude. The Western press excitedly reported on the imminent divorce of celebrities. Today, however, the Hollywood actress broke the silence by making a formal Declaration. It should be noted that the husband of television star joined the press conference.

By the way, popular the couple admitted that many articles negatively reflected not only on mood but also on the daughters. After all, the heiress of the couple of artists believed in the separation of the parents. Fortunately, Keith urban and Nicole Kidman managed to explain to the girls that their relationship will not destroy the headlines. Now, however, the offspring of a rock musician require special support. And Hollywood actress prohibits the Babes to read the news gossip on virtual sites and in glossy magazines. By the way, this is not the first time that representatives of media say about breaking celebrities. It is no secret that about a year ago, the first pages of different editions were adorned with headlines that reported infidelity on the part of Keith urban.

Because the musician lives in Australia, where it is one of the jury members of the legendary television show “X-Factor”. When the wife of rocker works in Los Angeles, where it takes an active part in the filming of the series “Big little lies”. However Keith urban has denied all charges, and in the rare moments when the lovers appear together, the pair never ceases to show tender feelings and full understanding.

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