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Nick Antosca wants to make a “Zero channel” horror universe

As we already know, writer Nick Antosca, head of the excellent and sometimes very frightening series “channel Zero”, is very fond of one of there monsters and even wants to bring him back in future sequels. Talking about the Tooth Babe from “candle Cove”, an unusual creature that came to its Creator in a dream.

But, as it turned out, Antoski already have in mind ideas associated with other characters. What, in General, is not surprising – once a popular “American horror story” with a similar flow of “one season = one story” several times already twisted stories with each other, something like this was worth the wait and the “Channel”. The more that show outlines regular actors – for example, show now in fourth season, moved Brandon Scott from third.

And that’s what this says about Nick himself:

I know that we have two seasons. I have no idea and won’t know for at least another couple of months about whether or not the series even more seasons. If we get two more, the continuity of these stories will start to clear a little. You will be able to see the return of some key characters, which have already fallen in love.

After such revelations from the author I want to indulge in reflections: who is he there decided to return? Butcher Joseph Peach performed by the incomparable Rutger Hauer? Or maybe one of the creatures that inhabit the mysterious Bay candle?

Anyway, Antosca stressed that he is interested not so much a direct continuation of the familiar plots, how many fundamentally new season with recognizable references. Or, more simply, creating his own horror universe. Isn’t it cool? I would be very interested to see in future stories interesting details connected with vivid heroes of the previous seasons.

We will remind, the premiere of the fourth season, subtitled “Door of dreams” (“The Dream Door”) was held on the SyFy channel today.

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