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NHL. The first round of the playoffs. “Boston” has beaten “Toronto”, “San Jose” won the series “Vegas”

НХЛ. Первый раунд плей-офф. «Бостон» выбил «Торонто», «Сан-Хосе» выиграл серию у «Вегаса»The ocean was determined two participants for the second round of the playoffs for the Stanley Cup.

Last year’s finalist of the Cup Stanley “Vegas” 10 minutes before the end of the decisive match against “San Jose” led 3:0. It seemed to “shark” the season has been completed, but they gave a phenomenal 4-minute period, during which the four puck flew into the goal “Vegas”. The main Creator of this incredible breakthrough was the defender of “Vegas” Cody Yixin, who received a 5 minute penalty. While the away player sitting in the penalty box, “San Jose” four times scored the most.

47 seconds before the final siren Jonathan Marchese returned to the “Vegas” game, but in overtime the puck Barclay, Goodrow put an end to this incredible drama. “San Jose” in the semifinals of the West will play with “Colorado”.

In the final match between “Boston” and “Toronto” no drama, was not – Bruins with a crushing victory for the sixth time in a row knocked the Canadians out of the Cup of Stanley, which was a repetition of the third result in the history of the NHL. The next opponent of the “Boston” in the playoffs will be sensational, “Columbus” dry beat “Tampa Bay”.

Boston – Toronto– 5:1 (2:0, 0:1, 3:0)
Goals: 1:0 – 14 Nordström, 2:0 – 17 Johansson, 2:1 – 23 Tavares, 3:1 – 42 Kurali, 4:1 – 57 Coyle, 5:1 – 59 Bergeron

The account in a series: 4-3

San Jose Vegas– 5:4 (0:1, 0:1, 4:2)

Goals: 0:1 – 10 Karlsson, 0:2 – 29 Yixin, 0:3 – 43 Pacioretty, 1:3 – 49 Couture, 2:3 – 50 Hertel, 3:3 – 52 Couture, 4:3 – 53 Labanc, 4:4 – 59 Marchesa, 5:4 – 63 Goodrow

The account in a series: 4-3

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