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Neymar equalized with Ronaldinho in the number of goals for Barcelona

Неймар сравнял счет с Роналдиньо в количестве голов за БарселонуWho became player of Barcelona in the summer of 2013, Neymar was able to catch up in the list of scorers in the club legend – Ronaldinho. Speaking for blue garnet of only three and a half seasons, the young Brazilian managed to show themselves from the best sides. His previous club Brazilian Santos, where he made himself known, Zabolotiv 42 goals in 62 appearances and becoming the best striker in the domestic League, for the transfer has requested as many as 57 million euros, and they pay off from season to season. More was spent only for the acquisition of Ibrahimovic, so this transfer is in 2nd place in the cost to guide of Barcelona.

The main qualities of the 24-year-old player can be credited excellent dribbling, lightning speed, great vision and understanding of the game. His demeanor is reminiscent of the famous ball striker Robinho, for which he received even in his childhood the name.

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One of the Spanish clubs that are interested in the hero of this article, was notorious real. Then Neymar was just 14 years old. For unknown reasons after only 1 year young player back home. There is a theory that he just missed his family and home. Also in the Newspapers there was an information that the request to pay the father of 60 million dollars was rejected by the leadership of the real, which finally influenced the decision of Neymar. Probably as a consequence of the club regretted that it is not complied with the request of the young man, because now he scores goals one by one, playing the team’s key rival in the Spanish championship – Barcelona.

User comments in social networks about the comparison with Neymar became a legend, Ronaldinho is not unequivocal. Many fans of the latter believe that his young compatriot is much inferior to him in technique and creativity on the field.

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In the 19th round match against “Eibar” was hammered the ball, which equate both players in the list of scorers of the team. But we should remember that “little Ronaldo” played for the club from 2003 to 2008, all took part in 207 matches and scored 94 goals. The young talent took only three and a half seasons in which he played 164 matches. In addition to goals scored, he also scored more than fifty assists.

If you remember all the famous players of the club, 94 goals from Neymar it remains to add only another 21, so he could get into the top ten scorers of Barca. As for Ronaldinho – just one will allow Neymar to surpass the famous Brazilian.

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