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News: the Second Director of the justice League compared it with Star wars

Новость: Второй режиссер Лиги справедливости сравнил ее со Звездными войнами

The film “justice League”, which was the first to unite some of the most popular superheroes of DC, not inferior in scale and drama of the “Star wars”. This opinion was expressed by the second film Director Damon Caro, who leads the publishing ComicBook.

“A great story, a real Greek tragedy, because in life we must be not just knocked down before we will be able to make his way. The justice League has always been the rebirth of hope and a symbol of the recovery. Viewers assume that this is our response to negative reaction, and I would say that their criticism was heard, but not to be taken so that we all threw down and decided to start with a clean slate. It’s like “Star wars.” “Empire strikes back”. Dark movie! But then comes “return of the Jedi” – the rise and rebirth of hope,” he said. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Recall that the original “justice League” was planned as a film series, but then the creators decided to make two separate film. The first of these will be presented to the audience in November 2017. The fate of the second at the time of this writing remains under question, as all further development of kynoselen, based on the popular comics company DC,

Source: ComicBook

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