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News: Rogue ahead of the Bicycle illustration In search of Dori

Новость: Изгой обогнал в прокате мульфильм В поисках Дори

Global box office receipts of the film “Rogue-one: Star wars. The history of” exceeded 1,030 billion dollars, which allowed him to take second place in the ranking of highest-grossing film of 2016, pushing to third place the animated film “finding Dory”, which finished with a score of 1,028 billion dollars.

As for the results of last weekend, the first place in the American car kept the Thriller “Split”, which earned 26.2 million dollars. American fees project budgets only nine million dollars exceeded $ 77 million.

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Second place went to the controversial melodrama “Dog’s life”, the founders of which was accused of animal cruelty. Despite the scandal, the movie earned in the premiere weekend of 18.3 million dollars, which for a film with a budget of $ 23 million can be considered quite satisfactory.

The third place ranking with a score of $ 14 million took the biographical drama “Hidden figures”. Her home fees exceeded $ 100 million.

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