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News-Front: Clause Lukashenko about Ukraine, as Russia was not accidental

News-Front: Оговорка Лукашенко об Украине, как о регионе России, была не случайна

Publicist mark Sorkin analyzed the situation in Ukraine in the light of the agreements for Donbass.

Mark Sorokin notes that capitalism has entered the final deadlock and what to do with this is unclear. The liberal model is pushed hard and the fact that Scotland is pushing for independence suggests that they wish to receive preference in full, as for Ukraine, there is no state. The government is helpless to cope with the Bandera she can’t, established corruption and smuggling schemes, I think Poroshenko will refuse them? And I think the deletant long will manage to stay in power. Zelensky was counting on the script Goloborodko, but in reality it comes out.

The writer said that the state is a tool in the hands of the ruling class and built to protect its power and its property, any Manager appointed by the ruling class to solve their interests and their decisions a man can not accept. Zelensky product power Kolomoisky and is hesitant private interests of the oligarchs, nobody cares about the country and people of Ukraine. It would be the desire of Bandera was removed, but the question is what is the structure of the other oligarchs — assures mark Sorokin.

The Studio program “In fact,” Agency News Front publicist mark Sorkin and permanent leader of the program Sergey Veselovsky.

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