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News from the reservoirs

We can say that now is the weather, typical for this time of year. Night frosts alternate with daytime warming. For anglers importantly, the ice is gradually strengthened. Out on the ice was relatively safe almost everywhere, with the exception of rivers and sections with the current below the dams and at the mouths of tributaries.

To not let my guard down, for each reservoir there are places with weak ice, and the main danger is that now it is possible to fall away from the coast. The nature of the bite the past week can be described as a week of roach. This fish showed an enviable activity almost everywhere. Very nice roach was caught as a small flowing lakes and reservoirs. The bass was passive, and his biting was observed in separate short periods. It is noteworthy that the clock output of the bass in the same day differed greatly in the reservoirs. Even located just next to the lakes or quarries and watch the perch bite is not the same. Very noticeable this fish is beginning to respond to the changing weather. When approaching snow clouds, the biting immediately stopped, but could resume if there was a gleam in the sky.

The least effect of atmospheric changes on the pike bite. The continuation of the existence of this predator in the suburbs personally I doubt. The brood stock of large fish successfully destroyed, it is up to the laces-segoletki.

The fishing for bream and bream has not yet arrived. The reasons here two. First, not all water is still available for deep watering places on and around the bed. Second, and more important, the bream migrates, not very willingly responds to the bait and is not tied to a particular place. The pack moved with a very decent speed. Where the fish rose, it is not too active and just not bite. With the exception of private ponds at night.

Noticeable started to have an effect on fishing quality tackle and the activity of the angler. Had to move in order to find not just the fish, and active fish. Bait still works not too effectively, if not to take into account small perch and small roach with the bleak.


In the Volga reservoirs the ice was strengthened, which led to a dramatic expansion of available fishing area. The result started fishing joy not only in closed reservoirs, but large bays of the Volga reservoirs. Moreover, Ivankovskoe reservoir became available to some Sudakovo point that immediately affected the results. Mass invasion of fishermen here yet, but caught some really large predators have already been recorded.

Last week there was a mass pilgrimage of anglers on the Rybinsk reservoir. Except for perch and pike, here “gone” is a decent size roach, but the main attention was attracted to a perch. Those who have come to the right place at the right time, became poachers. Otherwise, as poaching, harvesting of fish tens of kilograms a day, I can not name. In addition to walleye, postavshikami harvested burbot. Caught not all and not everywhere, but it is, in my opinion, does not justify the natural greed of individual “friends”.

The uncertain situation in the dams in the canal. Moscow. The ice here is not much confidence, but where it is strong and safe, the big fish to bite the unwilling. Hope that will start the perch bite is in General not justified. Catch of small fish in extremely limited quantities. On the other hand, is very comfortable and coming home and thinking about future plans.


Due to the fact that ice thickness is small and can be done any number of holes, fishing remains generally very pleasant. You can even achieve good results, catching three dozen Rotanov or perch. In separate ponds were a good biting of a crucian carp and small carp. Catching small pike on the imitation fish is almost completed.

Characteristically, in large quarries the behavior of perch, roach and perch very very similar to winter behavior of this fish. Here, in contrast to the reservoirs, defined Parking areas, the fish ceased to migrate throughout the waters. On some reservoirs even be the harbingers of “hypoxic” situations. Thus, ponds with top water overflow, fish left the channel and is concentrated closer to the headwaters and near the coast. Better than the other fish pecked roach and gudgeon, which quickly and actively respond to the bait in the form of a small moth.


On the rivers for a week practically has not changed, except that the ice was a little bit more. All fishing is conducted in the bays, and anglers are waiting for, when it comes to the mainstream. Bays fishing can be very interesting. Often at this time even in just a small corner on a small river, for example, in Istria downstream of the reservoir, concentrated flock of large perch. Fishing neat and very pleasant “proud” loneliness and silence.

Fast changing situation on the Oka river under the Kashira. Here in many places it is already possible to cross the river from shore to shore, but the sites for fishing very small, since due to weak frost long was the sludge, which “clogged” almost all the interesting places. Many anglers are caught on the Oka basins, but good results are almost there, perhaps they will be with the coming thaw.


Last week “earned” all the cultural economy. Brought here trout, sturgeon and whitefish. The winners were those anglers who have decided to postpone the trout for later, and first took up the pike. The pike bite is very, very good. It should be noted that along with the small jacks were active and large predator. It was widely noted that the outputs of the predator was not one day, as often happens in winter, but three or even four peaks of biting. Where a lot of pike, the bite happened during all light time of day.

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